With all this social media stuff like twitter, instagram and whatnot going on I almost forgot about about my flickr stream. Still a wonderful way to present photos. And mine comes with images like this one, which I think isn’t too bad:

Graham Lewis and Colin Newman/Wire live
Wire: Graham Lewis and Colin Newman, Open East Festival, London, 28.7.2013.
Photo © Ralf Zeigermann
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Wire, as performed by the Outdoor Miners.

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Lone Lady & Wire

Last night at the Lexington. With many thanks to The Quietus.

Death and GunsLone LadyRedLone LadyPentonville RoadAudienceWireWireInstructionsWireWireWire

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Orange Alert

Over at the Ostrich.

Pink Flag on orange Background
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For the BOF competition

Wire, even more minimalistic than usual.

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Edvard Graham Lewis.


A picture named graham_lewis.jpg

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