Getting on.

Just finished page 30 of Nebular #2. I have to say, this book takes a bit longer than anticipated. Oh well. Thank God there aren’t any deadlines involved.

Nebular Graphic Novel #2, page 30
Panel 4, page 30 of Nebular. © Ralf Zeigermann
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Updating and not updating.

I really need to update my website. And my portfolio. So much to do, so little time. My bio needs refreshing and the portfolio needs to be totally revamped. In fact I should even redesign the whole website anyway, the blog (done), the homepage, everything.


I’m incredibly busy working on Nebular 2 as well as for my other clients.

Apart from that, printed editions of Nebular 1 are available on Amazon in German, French and English. Portuguese to follow at some point.

Here’s page 40 from Nebular, the English edition.

Now buy. Make me rich and happy.

Nebular, The Secret of Quaoar, Page 40
Nebular, The Secret of Quaoar, Page 40
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At last.

The printed English edition of Nebular, The Secret of Quaoar, is now available on Amazon. Even better, I’m already working on page 7 of Nebular #2.

The Secret of Quaoar

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Nebular No. 2

Page 3 is already in the works and should be finished by end of today. This is so much fun to draw.

Page 3 of Nebular #2
The first half of page 3, “Collision Course Triton” (Working title). © Ralf Zeigermann + Thomas Rabenstein
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Post von Amazon.

Das Geheimnis von Quaoar, gedruckt
Ein kleiner Haufen Comics.

Meinen Comic “Das Geheimnis von Quaoar” gibt es nun auch gedruckt bei Amazon.

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Onto Number 2.

I’ve started writing the script for Nebular #2 and also finished the first draft of the front cover, which looks like this:

Cover of Nebular #2
Cover of Nebular #2, Collision Course Triton.
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Nebular x 3.

Three Nebular Covers.
The 3 Nebular editions – German, French, English.

My first Nebular Graphic Novel has now been published in three languages.




While I’m busy starting with Nebular #2, Collision Course Triton, I’m also preparing the artworks for the printed editions. And most probably another electronic edition for Comixology.

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The Advertisement

Die deutsche Ausgabe des Nebular-Comics, “Das Geheimnis von Quaoar”, ist gestern erschienen und in elektronischer Form erhältlich bei den üblichen Verdächtigen: iTunes, Beam, Amazon und Google Play. Die gedruckte Ausgabe folgt.

Ich bin ausgesprochen happy.

Weitere Infos gibt es auf der Verlagsseite.

Cover zur ersten Ausgabe des Nebular-Comics
Nebular 1: Das Geheimnis von Quaoar

Hier einige Beispielseiten:

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