Atomium and Expo ’58.

Fifty years and on: incredible photos and other ephemera on the Press Page of the Atomium website. Also, vintage films from 1958. And some rather complicated copyright instructions:

In the precise and exclusive case of information articles related to the festivities of the fiftieth birthday of the Atomium and of Expo 58, private pictures intended for non-commercial and non-promotional purposes, published in low resolution, are free from copyrights. However, the copyright © Sabam 2008 – must be mentioned.
The press can download and use the photographs and iconographic documents that are present in our virtual pressroom and which are freeware. However, for each one of these iconographic stereotypes or documents it is also imperative to mention, in addition to the copyright © Sabam 2008 –, the copyright of the photographer who is the author.

Whatever that means — it’s a fabulous website, and I agree: Long live Atomium!

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Found them just now in my garden shed while looking for something completely different; no idea how they ended up there. Anyway, they’re all around 30 years old, which I find rather amazing.

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