Updating and not updating.

I really need to update my website. And my portfolio. So much to do, so little time. My bio needs refreshing and the portfolio needs to be totally revamped. In fact I should even redesign the whole website anyway, the blog (done), the homepage, everything.


I’m incredibly busy working on Nebular 2 as well as for my other clients.

Apart from that, printed editions of Nebular 1 are available on Amazon in German, French and English. Portuguese to follow at some point.

Here’s page 40 from Nebular, the English edition.

Now buy. Make me rich and happy.

Nebular, The Secret of Quaoar, Page 40
Nebular, The Secret of Quaoar, Page 40


I finished the graphic novel #Nebular today. Almost exactly a year after all this began. We’ll publish most probably in the second week of May on Amazon, iBookstore, Beam and God knows where else. English, French and other translations to follow.

From my e-mail:
Am 20.04.2015 um 00:29 schrieb Ralf Zeigermann:
Thomas Rabenstein, der die “Nebular” Science Fiction eBooks schreibt und publiziert, hat mich kontaktiert und mir angeboten, die Bände als Comics, bzw Graphic Novels umzusetzen. Die Reihe ist erstaunlich erfolgreich (…)


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