The great big Rondo Competition (1).

Over the next few weeks you will find round pictures underneath each Rondo entry. On each round picture is a red letter combination — a syllable. At the end of the competition, which will happen in about 6 – 8 weeks time, simply get those syllables into the right order, and a German sentence will magically appear. It’s a short sentence, in fact it’s the slogan for the Double Rondo CD release.

In the last part of the competition series I’ll publish an e-mail address. Simply send your solution to this address. The first three persons who correctly figured out the slogan, will get one Rondo Double CD for free (many thanks to Franz Bielmeier for making this possible!). If this isn’t great, I don’t know what great is.

A picture named system-001.jpg

To make it a bit more difficult: no, you can’t send in your correct answer after 4 weeks already, or leave the answer in the comments. Comments will be put on moderation from next week onwards. You’ll have to wait until I publish the e-mail address.

And now, continuing with the Rondo singles: Here’s System with Erste Freundin. Enjoy.

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The Rondo Competition, Part Two (3).

I’m trying to ignore all those rather disturbing alert messages and sirens here on my Mars Base. Bloody reactor, something’s definitely not working. Anyway, Nigel is out there, keeping an eye on the horizon, so I really don’t know what could go wrong.

Instead I’m listening to The Lords and their number one hit Fire. Fabulous. The cover has a nice red colour.
Of course this is all part of the Rondo Competition and intended to fool my readers. More here.

A picture named lords.jpg

The Rondo Competition (2).

First of all, the Rondo website is now live, featuring music (of course!) and quite a few editions of the old Ostrich fanzine. In issue number 8 you will even find an article written by a certain cartoonist.

A picture named ostrich.jpg

Then, the second part of our little competition. Below is the next letter for what may or may not become one day a proper sentence. More or less. The first part of this ingenious riddle can be found here.

A picture named markus.jpg

And now for some music. Here’s Mittagspause with Paff (remastered, new mix). Enjoy.

The Rondo Competition (7).

Welcome to the last part of our little competition, which we’ll celebrate with Padeluun and Nazis are no fun (mp3, 7.8MB).

And now get all those red letters into the right order and fire off your answer to Rondo.Ton [at] First three people with the right answer win the Rondo Double CD Set (when it comes out).

The previous parts can be found here.

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The Rondo Competition, Part Two (5).

The photo below is by the fabulous Richard Gleim, whose blog Gnogongo should be read by simply everyone. Richard’s photo shows what is happening right now at Connys Studio — a tiny part of the giant Mittagspause CD/DVD box has been prepared and mixed for publication.

Reason enough to listen to a Mittagspause track. If you click on the little player thingy, you can listen to In der Tat, a song which tells us everything we always wanted to know about a certain chap called Herr Walter.

A picture named mittagspause.jpg