It Speaks.

In a manic rage this horrible creature started yelling at me. And what it said was incredible.

Over the next few days I will try to write it all down truthfully. This may take some time, not because of the shouting that was going on, but because the thing spoke in the Martian Cydonia dialect which is a bugger to translate.

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The Martian Diary.


I’m sorry about the loss of regular transmissions from Mars, but as it happenend a nasty glowing lightstorm moved between Mars and Earth, which was completely beyond my control.

Anyway, I went up to that hovering door and discovered a rather peculiar keyhole which shouldn’t pose a problem, since my pressure suit contains a nifty lock picking kit. I’d like to thank Basil for reminding me to always carry a lock picking kit.

Still, I reckon it will be a bit more difficult than this – after all it’s a Martian lock.

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