Githead talking

This comes straight from the Githead Headquarters: a heated discussion between Robin Rimbaud, Malka Spigel and Colin Newman. They were arguing about things like:

  • Hawkwind
  • Bands on tour
  • Age and the record industry
  • Professor Scanner
  • English expressions we all hate
  • The author Michael Crichton

And of course lots of talk about their latest and so far best album, Landing.

Enjoy the podcast and buy the album. Because it’s great.

A chat with Githead

The Cartoonist talks to Githead.

“talk”Here’s the second installment of The Cartoonist Talks. And this time I’m talking to Colin Newman and Malka Spigel.

For those who don’t know: Colin Newman is a founding member of the art-rock (or is it art-punk?) band Wire, and together with his wife Malka he formed Githead just a few years ago.

They were soon joined by Robin Rimbaud and the drummer Max Franken (Lots of wikipedia links here …). And they simply produce the most fabulous music; although Colin denies it, there certainly is a connection with Wire: those beautiful 3-, 2- or 1-chord drones. Or even no chords at all. I hope he’s not mad at me for writing this, but that’s the way I see it and love it.

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As usual, a few links:
Githead on MySpace
My LCA – Video
Swim~ Records

I hope you’ll enjoy this podcast as much as I did; my thankyou goes to Colin and Malka for actually participating in this mad project and meeting up with The Cartoonist on a rainy and rather cold day down at the River; many thanks! Part #2 will follow next weekend.

Headphones are recommended and part #2 and #3 will be less noisy. Promised. Featured songs are all ©2007 by Githead and swim~ Records. All tracks are used with explicit permission by Colin Newman and Malka Spigel. The Cartoonist Talks © 2007 by Ralf Zeigermann.

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Many thanks, Malka & Colin!

The Cartoonist Talks.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to The Cartoonist Talks, a brand new series of podcasts. In this first installment of a hopefully ongoing series of podcasts I am talking to Knox, frontman of a band called the Vibrators. The Vibrators are one of Britain’s longest going Punk bands, in fact they were formed back in early 1976, and they actually still exist and they’re playing all over the planet.

Listen to The Cartoonist talks to Knox, part 1 — part two will follow in a few days.

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Now, please allow me to promote the Vibrators, because they deserve it:

The Vibrators
The Vibrators on MySpace
The homepage of Knox
The Vibrators at Punk77
Vibrators Merchandise

I just hope you’ll enjoy this podcast as much as I do, although editing it was pure hell. And it still is, because there are three more parts to come. More podcasts are being planned; as a hint for the next one I’ll drop an “1-2-XU” for you. Enjoy. Headphones are recommended.

Legal: All music in this podcast is written by Ian Carnochan, ©1977 and ©1978 Sony Music Ltd. All tracks are used with explicit permission by Knox. The Cartoonist Talks © 2007 by Ralf Zeigermann.

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Knox: many thanks!

The Cartoonist Talks [2].

“talk”And here’s part two of The Cartoonist talks to Knox. Part one can be found here. In part two, Knox talks about his solo projects, about his paintings, and about DRM.

As usual, here’s the direct iTunes link; here the extended podcast for download; and here the simple and boring mp3 file.

And of course, a few more Knox/Vibrators-related links:

The Vibrators — 21 Years Of Punk Mania, a book by Ian Carnochan
Fallen Angels
Urban Dogs


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The Cartoonist Talks [3].

“talk”Welcome to the the third and final part of The Cartoonist talks to Knox. In this podcast we’re talking about Ataris, Macs, boring stuff, and Knox had a great idea which has got to do with a camera inside your head. Enjoy.

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The Cartoonist Talks will be back in early March, and then I’ll be talking to Malka Spigel and Colin Newman.

A few more Vibrators/Knox related links:
A 1984 interview with the Vibrators
Ian Turner’s photos of the band from 1982
Another interview with Knox on the Punk77 website

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The Cartoonist talks to Githead, Part #2.

“talk”In the second part we’re talking mostly about Rotterdam, about the new album, and about the Internet. In fact, it’s Colin Newman who’s doing most of the talking, which I really enjoyed.

In Part #3, which will follow next weekend, we’ll talk about Wire, Ratinger Hof, MySpace, Lomography, and Jürgen Engler.

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Some more Githead-related links:

The Githead Homepage
Githead on flickr

And now enjoy the new podcast. As always: many thanks to Colin & Malka.

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Githead: official press photo.

Featured songs are all ©2007 by Githead and swim~ Records. All tracks are used with explicit permission by Colin Newman and Malka Spigel. The Cartoonist Talks © 2007 by Ralf Zeigermann.

The Cartoonist talks to Franz Bielmeier.

“talk”This was fun. Franz is an old friend of mine and was a founding member and guitarist of Charley’s Girls, who later became Mittagspause. In the late 70’s he founded the Rondo record label (here’s a link to the publications); these days he is busy working on various solo projects, most notably his Schwester Strahl series, a germanized version of the Velvets’ Sister Ray. Which I find absolutely fabulous.

You can download the podcast here, or subscribe to my podcasts via iTunes. Since I’m slowly, but steadily running out of webspace, there’s no m4a file this time, only the boring mp3. I’ll insert the pictures that were supposed to go into the webcast simply here.


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Franz Bielmeier, 1977. In the background Peter Hein.
Also, apologies to all my English, American etc. readers — this podcast is entirely in German, because it makes sense and there’s nothing more stupid than two Germans talking in English to each other.

Oh, one more thing: Franz was so kind allowing me to upload one of his latest songs. So here’s Invoc [MP3, 15MB]; 11 minutes of fantastic noise.

And now enjoy.

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The usual links:
Franz Bielmeier |
Mittagspause |
Verschwende deine Jugend |
Ratinger Hof

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Franz Bielmeier today.
This podcast, The Cartoonist talks to Franz Bielmeier, ©2007 Ralf Zeigermann. All music ©1979-2007 by Mittagspause and Franz Bielmeier.

The Cartoonist talks to George Parker.

“talk”This time I’m talking to George Parker, who has been working in the ad business for more than 678 years. He’s a copywriter who used to be an art director in the early 60s, and he’s won several Cannes Gold and Silver Lions, Clios, Effies and whatnot. Before I get carried away, read his official bio:

George Parker has more than 30 years of agency experience with prestigious Madison Avenue firms such as Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, J. Walter Thompson and many others. He is the winner of hundreds of advertising awards, including Cannes Gold and Silver Lions, Clios, Effies and the David Ogilvy award. His blog AdScam was named one of the four best advertising blogs in the world by Campaign Magazine.

I had the pleasure of getting drunk with him in a pub on Tottenham Court Road a fortnight ago. Which should be reason enough to listen to this podcast.

You can download the podcast here or subscribe directly via iTunes.

George and I talk about the current state of advertising; about his book, about logos, and about clients and presentations. Enjoy.

And now for the usual links:
George Parker, Writer and Creative Consultant
The Brand Republic weblog, MadScam (subscription, free)
His book, Madscam — Kick-ass advertising without the Madison Avenue price tag

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The commercials were stolen from YouTube/Retromercials and the fabulous RetroJunk website. The background noise, reminiscent of Darth Vader, is courtesy of my fabulous operators’ chair, a swinging 60’s model from the waiting room of a dental practice. No advertising agents were harmed during the production of this podcast. Copyright © 2007 by Ralf Zeigermann and George Parker.