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The Cartoonist’s photos @Picfair. Buy and license. Apart from the rather cheap and unnecessary plug, Picfair is a fabulous stock photo website. In fact I think it’s the best stock photo site ever, set up by former Guardian journalist, Benj Lanyado.

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The Vibrators backstage

© Ralf Zeigermann

The Day Disaster Struck.

© Ralf Zeigermann

© Ralf Zeigermann

Due to a server error my whole website was wiped off the face of this planet. While the homepage itself was easy to restore, The Cartoonist is not that easy to get back up and running again. My thanks go to the technicians over at Server Centre – without their help  the SQL database would have never been sorted.

Over the weekend I will slowly restore single posts to the weblog, but I’m afraid quite a few will be lost forever. Mostly because I simply can’t be bothered uploading all the images again and then assign them to each single post. Anyway, most of the stuff is up and running now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Things I’ve highlighted on my kindle. [3]

The Pig-tail Murder (Bello) (Durbridge, Francis)
– Your Highlight Location 189-190 | Added on Monday, 17 February 14 12:41:05

The opalescent red Mercedes 250 SE swirled neatly round Sloane Square and took its place in the single line of traffic moving westwards along the King’s Road in Chelsea. At the wheel Mike Hilton tried to master his feeling of impatience.


The Pig-tail Murder (Bello) (Durbridge, Francis)
– Your Highlight Location 214-215 | Added on Monday, 17 February 14 12:46:05

She was a little on the portly side but that did not prevent her from wearing a pair of extremely close fitting scarlet stretch-pants. Over her king-size posterior the stretch was extended to its utmost.


Rick O’Downe and the Topographic Dream (Basgurboga, Paul)
– Your Highlight Location 572-574 | Added on Wednesday, 19 February 14 12:11:15

When he saw a man pissing on Regents Street in 1930’s London, J.B. Priestley asked himself, “is this the end of civilization as we know it, or is this a man pissing on Regents Street?” That he decided on the latter is a pre-emptive rebuke to any demi-god reading this narrative.


Rick O’Downe and the Topographic Dream (Basgurboga, Paul)
– Your Highlight Location 1560-1599 | Added on Saturday, 22 February 14 13:13:23

What a pompous, plagiarizing, pretentious dickhead. What an abbreviated piece of nothing. What an a-hole, airhead, anal retentive, anorak, antwacky, arsehole, arsewipe, as much use as a chocolate fireguard, as much use as a chocolate teapot, as much use as a handbrake on a canoe, an ass, an ass-can, an ass clown, ass-end of space, ass face, ass fook, asshole, ass monkey, ass munch, ass up, ass-wipe, bad-ass, badussy, bagger, bamma, barf, bastard, beast, billy, bint, bitch, bitch ass, bizatch, biznatch, bizo, bizzo, bloatware, bludger, bluehair, bobo, bogus, bollock, bollocks, bollockbrain, bollockcock, bonehead, booey, boojee, boondocks, boot-leg, bottom feeder, bourgee, box of rocks, bozo, brainiac, buckshot, budissy, buff, buffoon, bugaboo, bugger, bugly, bum, Bumblefook, bumfook, bushpig, busted-ass, butt, butter face, butterhead, butters, Butt-fook, butt-head, butt munch, butt plug, butt ugly, camper, candy-ass, Captain Whiskey Dick, cathouse, chach, chank, cheese nug, chicken, chicken head, chicken hoe, chicken-shit, chincy, choad, chochie, chode, chode monster, chooch, choot, chowder head, chronic lag, chucklehead, chump, cock, cock knocker, cock-roach, cocksucker, codger, cooter, Willeyo, crackass, crack baby, crack head, craptain, crapper, craptasm, cray-cray, crazy, creep, creeper, cretin, Criminole, crockadillapig, cronk, crumb bum, crummer, crunchy, crunk, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, cum dumpster, cunt, cuntosaurus, cuntsicle, date, d-bag, dead rubber, Debbie Downer, derf, desk monkey, devil, dick, dick face, dick lick, dick smack, dick wad, dill hole, dill weed, dim, dimp, dimwit, ding-a-ling, dingbat, ding-head, dingus, dink, dipshit, dipstick, ditz, div, dodgy, doe, dog, doink ,dolt ,do my head, dong, doofus, doorknocker, dope, doper, dork, dork breath, dork slap, dosser, do the pooch, double-bagger, double R, doubly purdy, douche, douche b, douche bag, douche nozzle, doucher, drag, drainer, drongo, dropkick, druggie, duck, Dullsville, dumb-ass, dumb-head, dump, dump truck, durge, dweeb, East Bumblefook, East Butt-fook, East Nowhere, eat a bitch, eat a dick, eat it, eat me, eat my shorts, eat shit, eat shit and die, eejit, egghead, e-tard, e-tarded, fail, fake, false, fanny, farging icehole, fart, fart face, fartknocker, fart-knocker, fecker, fidiot, fish, flid, fluck a duck, focker, fool, freak, fruitcake, fubugly, fuck, fuck-bitch, fuckbunny, fucked up, fucker, fuckhead, fuck nut, fucksqueek, fuck stick, fucktard, fuck up, fuckward, fuckwit, fug, fugly, funk, funky monkey, gang banger, garden tool, geek, geek monster, get bent, get to fuck, git, gobshite, gomer, goober, goon, gotard, granola, griefer, grit, gritter, grizzly chicken, grody, grommet, gronk, grub, grundies, gump ,gutter punk, hack, hairbag, half-ass, has-been, hater, hayseed, headcase, herb, hick, hillbilly, himbo, hodger, hogley, hole digger, Homer, ho-nasty, hooch ,hoochie ,hood, hoopdee, hoover, horse shit, hose beast, hoser, hoss, hotbox, hugly, hump, ID10T, idjet, ijit, insane in the membrane, jabroni, jabronie, jack, jackass, jack hole, jackwagon, jecka, jerk, jerk-ass, jerk-face, jerk-nut, jerkwad, jobber, John, jork, jumpoff, jump the shark, junkie, kife, knob, knobhead, knuckle dragger, knucklehead, knuckle-nuts, kook, kutta, lame-ass, lame-o, lame sauce, larry, lazy dog, leebo, lemon, lencho, like ass, limp dick, llama, looper, lunkhead, mack daddy, madcap, mad hatter, mad whack, mafugly, mahfugly, mank, manster, manwhore, melon, Melv, Melvin, mimbo, monster, moron, mothafooker, mother trucker, mouth breather, mud duck, mudpout, mulehead, mushroom, nappy, nasty, nerd, nerdgasm, newb, newbie, nincompoop, nitwit, noid, numb nut, numb-nuts, nummah, numptie, nut, nut job, nutter, nuttso, old fart, out of hand, out to lunch, over the hill, oxygen thief, pants, pap, paper bag trick, pay lay, Pebbles, pencildick, penis-face, perma-fried, perp, perv, perve, Peter, pid, piece, piece of shit, pieon, pig, pigeon, PIK, piker, pill, pimp, pinhead, pish, piss, piss-ant, pisshead, plonker, Poindexter, poon, poophead, poop on you, poo-poo on you, popper, pop slag, pound sand, prannock, propellerhead, prostitot, psycho, psycho-bitch, puck bunny, pud-whack, pud whacker, pug fugly, puke, pukoid, punk, pussy ,pussy-hole, putz, quack, quart, Quayle, queef, ram, rassclat, rat, redneck, reechy, reject, re-re, retaardvark, retard, rim, ripper, robot, r-tard, rubbish, rug-rat, sack of shit, saddo, Sally, salty, santorum, sausage, sausage jockey, scag, schlong, schmuck, screwy, scrote, scud, scum, scumbag, scum-bucket, scum of the earth, sea donkey, seven thirty, shawty, sheep, sheisty, sherlock, shit, shit-bag, shit fooker, shit stirrer, shmuck, shorty, shovel-face, skank, skeeve, sketell, skid, sko, slack-jaw, slack-jawed lackey, slag, slitch, slob, slore, slub, slump buster, slunt, slut, smacktard , snitch, so-and-so, sod, son of a bum, son of a gun, son of a bitch, sorostitute, spaz, sped, spich, spork, square, stank, stinkie cheese, stoner, stooge, stupid, suck, sucker, suck dick, suck a bag of dicks, suck a fat baby’s dick, swamp donkey, swede, tard, tart, tart monkey, tattle tail, tea bag, technotard, terribad, thanks for nothing, thug, toc, toe, toe up, toilet, toker, tool, tosser, train wreck, tramp, trash, trench coat, troglodyte, troll, twat, tweaker, twinkie, twit ,two-bagger, two-bit, vag, varmint, viper, wain, wally, wank, wanker, wankstain, wanker town, wanksta, wassock, waste, wastoid, wazzock, weenie, weirdo, welch, wet, whackhead, whack job, whatever ,whipper-snapper, white bread, white trash, whore, whorehouse, whoremonkey, wideo, window licker, wise guy, woofer, wuppie, wuss, wuzzer, a yuck and a zan. I think that just about covers it.


The Death Ship (B. TRAVEN)
– Your Highlight on Page 127 | Location 1938-1939 | Added on Tuesday, 18 March 14 13:19:41

Rich experience has taught me that whenever somebody says: “Just follow me,” or: “Come along,” it means always: “We shall take good care of you, and keep you here for quite a while. Take it easy and don’t resist.”


The Death Ship (B. TRAVEN)
– Your Highlight on Page 128 | Location 1955-1957 | Added on Tuesday, 18 March 14 13:21:09

Once when I was alone in his cabin I had a look at his library. There were only four or five books of such trash as detective or mystery stories. The rest of his books were so carefully selected that ever afterwards I wondered how that man came to be the skipper of a tramp.


Gestatten, mein Name ist Cox: Ein Spaßvogel im Kampf mit der Unterwelt (German Edition) (Becker, Rolf A.)
– Your Highlight Location 1663-1663 | Added on Friday, 28 March 14 23:29:58

Und da war es wieder! Das Glühen in ihren Augen, das hintergründige Lächeln und das sanfte Wippen ihrer Knie.


Gestatten, mein Name ist Cox: Ein Spaßvogel im Kampf mit der Unterwelt (German Edition) (Becker, Rolf A.)
– Your Highlight Location 1672-1674 | Added on Friday, 28 March 14 23:31:07

Sie lachte wieder und zeigte dabei eine Reihe Zähne, die der teuerste Zahntechniker nicht besser anfertigen könnte. Die Frau war wirklich Klasse.


I Murdered My Library (Grant, Linda)
– Your Highlight at location 41-42 | Added on Saturday, 31 May 2014 20:24:52

Here is Proust. Here is Jean Rhys. Here is Milton. Here isn’t Henry James, because I have never been able to remember the beginning of his sentences by the time I get to the end.


I Murdered My Library (Grant, Linda)
– Your Highlight at location 306-308 | Added on Sunday, 1 June 2014 12:22:03

As I began to buy more ebooks, I felt a sense of surprise and delight and wonder that I could carry around a library in my pocket. It is a library, arranged alphabetically or, if I like, in order of buying, and nothing shelved in the wrong place. The relationship with my library on a Kindle feels more intimate, like a shelled animal carrying its home on its back. Wherever I am, there is always something to read.


Schlump (German Edition) (Grimm, Hans Herbert)
– Your Highlight on page 156 | location 2390-2391 | Added on Wednesday, 4 June 2014 20:45:22

Schabkow hatte unglaubliches Glück bei den Weibern, obwohl er häßlich war wie eine Kröte.