White Beauty

Jennifer Rubell's "Portrait of the Artist"; Photo © Ralf Zeigermann

Jennifer Rubell’s “Portrait of the Artist”; Photo © Ralf Zeigermann

“At the Stephen Friedman gallery, American artist Jennifer Rubell’s “Portrait of the Artist” is a giant white fibreglass sculpture made of the artist when she was eight months pregnant, and which allows people to crawl into its open womb.”


Basically, Johnny Moped

Last night I went to the premiere of “Basically, Johnny Moped“, a film by Fred Burns. The documentary is about a failed rock band from Croydon, who really didn’t fail that much, because after the movie was shown, the band played live (together with their first bassist, Captain Sensible), they were incredibly good and the venue was heaving. It really was an amazing night out. Get the DVD!

I’ve uploaded a few photos I took last night onto Flickr.

Johnny Moped live at Koko, London, 19.09.2013

© Ralf Zeigermann

A quick reminder

The Johnny Moped documentary Basically, Johnny Moped will be screened on September 19 at KOKO, followed by a live performance of the band. Here’s a review of the film at CamdenReview and here’s another by Zoë Howe.

“[…] they did have some talent. But a band is never going to succeed if it has a singer who won’t turn up for gigs and a guitarist who was perman­ently drunk.” (Camden Review)

Film Poster

Film Poster