Went to the Independent Label Market in Old Spitalfields Market and almost bought a turntable. But then I’d also need a new amp. And proper loudspeakers. So I left it there: common sense prevails.

Which is good, so there’s something my bank manager won’t complain about. Btw, are there still bank managers these days? I’m doing all the necessary things online and haven’t set foot inside a branch for at least 8 years now.

Anyway, I was very glad to meet Colin and Malka at the Pink Flag / ~swim stall. They were selling lots of records and other merchandise, while at the same time probably freezing their legs off. It was really cold in London yesterday. Quite cold indeed. Very cold.

And now I’ve got a cold. Damn.

Happy shopkeepers: Colin Newman and Malka Spigel

Happy shopkeepers: Colin Newman and Malka Spigel

Comet Miniatures

While this most extraordinary SciFi model shop on Lavender Hill in London has unfortunately closed down, you can still walk through the shop with the help of Google Street View, hopefully preserved for eternity. What an amazing place this was.

Comet Miniatures on Google Street View

Comet Miniatures on Google Street View

The website is dead too, but apparently Comet’s proprietor Tony James is setting up a new virtual business under the name of Timeless Hobbies.

Last but not least here’s my Flickr set of the cramped inside of the shop.

It’s a shame really – first Model Zone went bust, and now Comet Miniatures has closed down. Basically all that’s left now here in the UK is Forbidden Planet for all kinds of SF toys and models.

Here’s Comet Miniatures Last Day, via YouTube:

White Beauty

Jennifer Rubell's "Portrait of the Artist"; Photo © Ralf Zeigermann

Jennifer Rubell’s “Portrait of the Artist”; Photo © Ralf Zeigermann

“At the Stephen Friedman gallery, American artist Jennifer Rubell’s “Portrait of the Artist” is a giant white fibreglass sculpture made of the artist when she was eight months pregnant, and which allows people to crawl into its open womb.”


Basically, Johnny Moped

Last night I went to the premiere of “Basically, Johnny Moped“, a film by Fred Burns. The documentary is about a failed rock band from Croydon, who really didn’t fail that much, because after the movie was shown, the band played live (together with their first bassist, Captain Sensible), they were incredibly good and the venue was heaving. It really was an amazing night out. Get the DVD!

I’ve uploaded a few photos I took last night onto Flickr.

Johnny Moped live at Koko, London, 19.09.2013

© Ralf Zeigermann