Peanuts, found in a box

This is how the Peanuts were published in Germany back in 1971. I still have a few of those little books.

Front cover of a German Peanuts book

Peanuts #8, 1971 Aar-Verlag

Inside spread Peanuts, 1971

© 1971 Aar-Verlag

Inside spread, Peanuts from 1971

© 1971 Aar-Verlag

Inside spread of German Peanuts book

1971 Aar-Verlag

Inside spread, Peanuts from 1971

© 1971 Aar-Verlag

Inside spread, Peanuts from 1971

© 1971 Aar-Verlag

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Cartoon, found in a box

I have absolutely no idea why or when I did this. It was certainly never published anywhere and I certainly never received any money for it. Looks great though, I think. Guess I’ll have to dig through more boxes.

Cartoon by Ralf Zeigermann

© Ralf Zeigermann

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Christmas Cards, found in a box

I used to get those printed in the early nineties for clients and friends.
And funnily enough I just found two of them in a box.

Das Insekt/The Insect

The first one © Ralf Zeigermann

Das Insekt, 2/The Insect

The second one, probably 1992 © Ralf Zeigermann

Das Insekt 1 + 2/The Insect 1 + 2

Back © Ralf Zeigermann

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When in Rome

A few photos from my father’s 1954 photo album. The full set can be seen here, over at Google+.

Volkswagen Beetle in Italy / Käfer in Italien

That Beetle must be worth a fortune nowadays.

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Paperback, found in a bookcase

C.G. Jung, Flying Saucers

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Two Art Directors


Sangmeister & Zeigermann at Markenwerbung International, Hamburg, ca. 1987.

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Hansaplatz, Dortmund [2]

Hansaplatz Dortmund

Hansaplatz Dortmund, 1928. In the background the Althoff building.

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Photo, found in a box

The caption says it all.

Oma Emil

Oma Emil auf dem Hansaplatz in Dortmund, 1928.

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Money, found in a Box.

A picture named money.jpg

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Photo, found in today’s Mail.

May 1992: Geesthacht, Heidbergring. My old Caterham Seven 1600 Sprint (Prisoner colours of course); then, Rolf Homann’s Donkervoort; another Seven, a Lotus Europa and a Lotus Seven Series 4 at the back. Those were the days, us advertising agents splashing out loads of money on crap like this. Thank God times have changed. (Erm, it was fun actually. Not that I miss those times, but I do. A bit. Yes. Not that much though. Only a bit. Drool.). Many thanks to Rolf for sending this.

A picture named caterham.jpg

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