The Men from the Agency.

A BBC Documentary recalling the revolution in British advertising during the 60s and three men who were instrumental in bringing it about. David Puttnam, Alan Parker and Charles Saatchi, who all worked for the same agency (CDP), were among the first to recognise the social changes which were taking place, and the style of advertising needed to appeal to the new breed of customer.

Updating and not updating.

I really need to update my website. And my portfolio. So much to do, so little time. My bio needs refreshing and the portfolio needs to be totally revamped. In fact I should even redesign the whole website anyway, the blog (done), the homepage, everything.


I’m incredibly busy working on Nebular 2 as well as for my other clients.

Apart from that, printed editions of Nebular 1 are available on Amazon in German, French and English. Portuguese to follow at some point.

Here’s page 40 from Nebular, the English edition.

Now buy. Make me rich and happy.

Nebular, The Secret of Quaoar, Page 40
Nebular, The Secret of Quaoar, Page 40


The history of the Fluxus movement. A digital collection at the University of Iowa.

One finds in Fluxus work genre-blurring “intermedia,” provocative performance events, and mobile art “kits.” One finds an international syndicate of collaborating, agitating, pranksterish artmakers. And while there were indeed disagreements among its core practitioners of about forty artists, few movements of the twentieth century share its longevity. The American Dick Higgins notes, “[t]his depended upon a fluid conception of group identity: anyone who wanted to do that kind of thing was Fluxus … [we] stuck together to do Fluxus kinds of things, even when [we] were also doing other kinds of things at the same time.”[2]Indeed, it is often difficult to discern the boundaries separating Fluxus from other circles—whether it be action music, mail art, conceptualism, assemblage art, concrete and sound poetics, and so on. This was its revitalizing strength. Fluxus members worked in areas across and between multiple forms, challenging distinctions between artistic genres, and between art and everyday life. Perhaps it’s best to think of Fluxus as a provisional space wherein an undetermined number of artists, writers, and musicians with shared approaches to art did things together.

Monsters are Inoffensive by  Filliou, Spoerri, Topor. © University of Iowa.
Monsters are Inoffensive by Filliou, Spoerri, Topor. © University of Iowa.