A week ago I installed Mac OS 10.9, “Mavericks”. Since then I experienced several kernel panics on a daily basis, Time Machine refusing to work and Spotlight crashing and being caught in an endless loop.

Last night I had enough. I erased my hard drive and did a fresh install of Mavericks. Absolutely no problems anymore, everything is now working as it’s supposed to do.

Don’t install Mavericks over the old system. Start from new. It’s definitely inconvenient getting the old data across and installing all the apps again, but I think I’ve learned my lesson.

The paper torsos of Horst Kiechle

Yes, this may be old news, but perhaps a few of my readers won’t know about this. Horst Kiechle sculpts anatomical models from paper and you can download the templates, print them out and stick them together. Have fun. In fact I may have a go at this too.

Kiechle Paper Torso

Horst Kiechle’s paper torso on Flickr.

Here’s a YouTube Video of ‘how to load the torso’. Enjoy:


I am sorry for the lack of blogging, but I am just recovering from a week of debilitating influenza. And what a nasty one this was.

Will continue filling up the pages as soon as I don’t feel weak anymore.