The exhibition, the book, and Klaus Dinger

“Ihr könnt mich mal am Arsch lecken/Lick my ass if you can” is the title of a forthcoming exhibition at Slowboy in Düsseldorf dedicated to the work of Klaus Dinger, founding member of Neu! and La Düsseldorf.

The exhibition will run from March 24 – June 02, 2012 with a catalogue edited by Miki Yui.

The exhibition in Slowboy Gallery is dedicated to Klaus Dinger, the great artist who passed away in 2008. It is the very first show in his hometown Düsseldorf.

GESAMTKUNSTWERK (Total-Art) as he called himself, his works are far beyond any genre. Posters, vinyls, artworks, lyrics, handmade logos, photos, collage, video- footages, instruments, diverse documents or personal objects are shown in the exhibition. His way of transforming documentation into art, they are the key to reveal the hidden stories behind his creation and him as a creator. 

A photo book will be published together with the exhibition. Photos, documents, interviews, and his handwritten words, the book shows his life and work in chronological order. From childhood to youth as architecture student, The No, The Smash, Kraftwerk, NEU!, La Düsseldorf, Néondian, Der Engel Des Herrn, La!NEU? and his last project La Düsseldorf –, this book reveals the stories of a genius transforming ideas into music or visual works in often difficult and desperate situations of his life. 

Klaus Dinger, Self Portrait 1986

Self Portrait 1986, ©

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