A New Sunday Roast Podcast.

Mit Binder und Zeigermann.

Hier zu hören.

Zeigermann + Binder beim Aufnehmen des Podcast. Photo © Claudia Kirchherr
Ralf Zeigermann und Konstantin Binder beim Sunday Roast Podcast. Photo © Claudia Kirchherr

(Ralf is wearing a hat from NEXT, £10, a leather jacket from The Original Dr Who jacket, £480, a wristwatch from eBay, £6. Konstantin is wearing a shirt from Stella McCartney, $365 and a ring from Lord of the Rings Originals PLC, £2892. All other gadgets (vaping things and beer) courtesy of Vogue magazine.)

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Essential Reading.

Biographien von Karl-Herbert Scheer und Clark Darlton (Werner Ernsting)

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Clox: NSA.

Brilliant! The band I used to play with back in the 80s have released
a brand new video.

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Random Cartoon #5.

Blowing Bishop/Blasender Bischof

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The 404 Dilemma.

The other day I found a mail from Google in my inbox. The people (?) at Google were complaining about a gazillion of broken links in my weblog entries and asked nicely if I were inclined to do something about this.

Of course, all those broken links didn’t come as a surprise since this weblog is now almost 16 years old and many websites I once linked to have simply disappeared or have changed their location on the web. Even internal links were buggered after I moved the blog from Radio Userland over to WordPress.

So, what to do? A WordPress plugin came in handy –
The Broken Link Checker.

It scanned my whole site, and after three day came back with … a lot of broken links. I now had the options of editing and relinking the broken URLs, link to the Waybackmachine or to simply trash the old posts.

In many cases I just made use of the “Trash” button. There were so many one-liner posts, only consisting of a link to long forgotten websites that it made no sense relinking to archive.org, which would only confuse matters even further; also, archive.org can be rather slow at times.

In quite a few cases I was able to either edit the URL or relink the content.

But still – it’s a dilemma. Is trashing old posts good or bad? I’m still not sure, but I’ll carry on regardless – mind you, the plugin is still scanning and still throws up bad links once a week.

Anyway, the Google Bots should be happy now. As should be the readers – there’s nothing more annoying than clicking on a link which ends up
in a grey nowhere zone.

So, no more 404s!

Screenshot of URL scanning

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The Perry Rhodan series is always good for inspiration when it comes to illustrations. Here are two marauding Unithers.

Zwei Unither auf einem ungastlichen Planeten
© Ralf Zeigermann
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Ein schönes, neues Blog über Bücher und Comics – Svipp.

Hier bei Svipp schreiben wir als private Allesleser über Romane und Kinderbücher, über Graphic Novels und Geschichtswerke, über Fantasy, Komisches und anderes mehr.

Illustration für Svipp. © Ralf Zeigermann
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With all this social media stuff like twitter, instagram and whatnot going on I almost forgot about about my flickr stream. Still a wonderful way to present photos. And mine comes with images like this one, which I think isn’t too bad:

Graham Lewis and Colin Newman/Wire live
Wire: Graham Lewis and Colin Newman, Open East Festival, London, 28.7.2013.
Photo © Ralf Zeigermann
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Ein neuer Podcast.

Drüben auf dem tumblr gibt’s einen neuen Sunday Roast Podcast.

Clairvoyant sitting in a window
London, Cecil Court. © Ralf Zeigermann
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A Cover Illustration.

My illustration for Nebular #59.

Nebular cover illustration by Ralf Zeigermann
Nebular Cover for #59. © Ralf Zeigermann
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