The Critic.

A review of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music in Creme Magazine, 1976.
Via Rockcritics.

Creme Review of Metal Machine Music

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Random Cartoon #4.

Random Cartoon #4
© Ralf Zeigermann
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Konstantin Binder schreibt über Die Finsternis.


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Captain Cartoonist outside a pub in Fitzrovia, London. Photo taken by the fab Konstantin Binder.

Ralf Zeigermann at The Marquis of Granby Pub.
Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon! Photo © Konstantin Binder
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{Random Image}

Fluxus cover

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Art Direktoren
sind besser als kleine.

Ralf Zeigermann, Art Direktor
MWI Hamburg, ca. 1987.
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Oh, eine neue Nebular-Rezension.

Nämlich hier, bei Heyoka’s Workbench.

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Getting on.

Just finished page 30 of Nebular #2. I have to say, this book takes a bit longer than anticipated. Oh well. Thank God there aren’t any deadlines involved.

Nebular Graphic Novel #2, page 30
Panel 4, page 30 of Nebular. © Ralf Zeigermann
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Fabulous. New emojis are coming, with Zombies included. And separate flags for England, Wales and Scotland. How absolutely fabulous.

Via iPhone-ticker

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Random Cartoon #3.

2 Cats. Cartoon by Ralf Zeigermann.
Cats, early 90s. © Ralf Zeigermann
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